I live with my funky cats Fred and Maceo in Northeast Minneapolis. I teach band, orchestra, drumline, and piano classes at Patrick Henry High School, maintain a studio of private students, and produce music in my home studio. In my free time, I love reading books, collecting and fixing instruments, skateboarding, and pondering the strange and beautiful nature of human existence.

I grew up in Whitefish Bay, Wisconsin and started playing the guitar when I was 8 years old. I learned saxophone and started playing in the school band at 10, and at 14, I made my first band with some friends from my choir class. Throughout my high school years, I performed regularly with the band Fforte Adore, and we released two records, available on bandcamp.

In my early teens, I knew I wanted to someday be a music teacher, so when graduation came around, I chose to attend Lawrence University in Appleton, WI for it’s excellent conservatory and music education department. During my time at Lawrence, I studied improvisation, learned the didjeridu, discovered the magic of deep listening through an internship with Pauline Oliveros, learned new pedagogical techniques, and created the funk juggernaut Porky’s Groove Machine with my friends.

After a semester of teaching high school band and orchestra in Hartford, WI, I moved to the twin cities to develop my career as an educator and performer. I became the music director at Upper Mississippi Academy in St. Paul where I developed a modern and innovative curriculum with popular instruments and current music. During this time, I also honed my skills as a multi-instrumentalist and created the concept album, Spiral.

As I got more settled in Minneapolis, I expanding my work freelancing as a performer, teacher, and producer while continuing to create my own new material. In the summer of 2018, I produced a second solo record, Identity Games. It’s was my most musically ambitious project at the time, featuring the sounds of 27 instruments all captured in my cozy basement.

I’ve just recently finished a new record, Captain Queso and the Revealing Science of Groove- a funk concept album detailing the interstellar travel techniques of my alter ego (Captain Queso). While it is my most stylistically consistent work, it still features the multi-genre writing that I worked to develop over the course of my previous two solo albums. As with the other records, all parts were composed, performed, and mixed alone in my basement.

I’ve performed live on guitar, vocals, saxophone, piano, bass, drums, didjeridu, and more. I’ve made appearances with Fforte Adore, Porky’s Groove Machine, Guster, The People Brother’s Band, Evergreen, Code Sweat, Sons of Groove, Ty Stone’s James Brown Experience, Fresh Goods, Paul Tryon Group, Tony Ford and Lindsay Gella, and countless school ensembles!